*All clients will have 24 hour access to me through text messaging, email, video consulting and weekly check-ins/follow-ups. 

All advanced self-researched protocols were designed by me and at some point, in my life I’ve implemented each protocol or still am today. The optimal protocols listed below are task specific in nature and will be formulated for each individual. *All protocols listed below have improved my health conditions, ailments, and overall health/well-being. *Results may vary

Fat loss phase (how to implement a proper caloric deficit)

Increase in lean tissue (how to implement a proper caloric surplus while minimizing fat gain)

Increase strength (how to implement a proper training program/routine which focuses on linear progression while minimizing overtraining and avoiding injuries)

Calculating macronutrients (caloric intake) for a deficit (fat loss stage), maintenance (maintain current weight) and surplus (gaining phase/increase in weight)

Testosterone Optimization (On my current new eating regimen that I designed all by myself, my total testosterone increased to 831 ng/dl on a measuring scale of 240-700!!! 

Advanced Optimal Workout Program 

1 on 1 workouts (come workout with me at a local gym or I come workout with you at your local gym. All exercises will be explained and shown how to perform. 

Hair loss protocol (those who are subject or prone to hair loss, male pattern baldness or who want to be proactive)

Skin protocol (oily skin, acne, dermatitis, Pityrosporum folliculitis also known as Malassezia folliculitis (fungal acne) 

Supplement Protocol (task specific supplements I currently use for restoring hormones, improving sexual health, decreasing inflammation, digestive health, fat loss and increasing lean tissue and strength)

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If you are suffering from skin ailments whether it be acne or hairloss. I can help, and it doesn't end there. You will see the most positive results both physically and mentally. Consult with me and i will help you live your best life!